Inspired by the birth of her daughter, Graciela Portillo started Saxon & SunRa in 2014. The embryo of S&S was based on ideas of a women's clothing collection, capsuled into handcrafted, minimal, and timeless pieces. After Saxon Hazard Drake's birth, the inevitable creation of clothes for babies began. A treasured hobby soon gained the interest of friends and family. Before long, Graciela had an online store set up, and had nervously presented her work, for all to see. Since the grand opening, S&S has been steadily growing. Selling all over the world, S&S has made it to countries like Japan, Germany, Norway, and Australia, to name a few. 


Each garment is carefully handcrafted in limited edition small batches. Always paying attention to the ethics behind the making of each garment, and true believers in quality over quantity. All items are designed, cut, pieced, and sewn together in California. We aim to create unique pieces that can be handed down from generation to generation. To create things that you hold dear to your heart. To create more than just clothes, but pieces of art.


In an effort to give back to our community and those in need, S&S donates a portion of its profits to help stop modern day slavery. Including sex trafficking, and labor trafficking. There is an estimated 20.9 million men, women, and children from around the globe that are trafficked for commercial sex or forced labor. Each purchase made, allows us to donate to help create awareness, and stop this $150 billion industry.


We thank you, our customers, for standing behind our brand, and always inspiring us to keep on. You make us possible. 

With love,
Saxon & SunRa